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Long-term Full-time Foreign Teachers Employment
Author:   Hit: 99 Time: 2017-06-14

1.Stage one  

Based upon application form concerning the requirement for foreign staffs submitted by certain department, International office confirms the requirement for foreign staffs based upon number, reason, employment period and employment requirement. Then put the employment advertisement on certain websites after above detailed confirmation. We then shall regularly check, collect resume, sift the candidates and finally choose the persons who meet the employment conditions, then followed by informing the employment period and other essential issue, working out the detailed contract and finally applying Z Visa. 

2. Procedures

According to the regulations, those who teach English in China, and intend to work for more than 6 months, should apply for a Visa Z to China's Department of Foreign Affairs or overseas organizations entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You will be required to take the following with you to apply for your visa:

    Work Permit 

    Visa Notification

2.1 How to apply Work Permit?

You will be required to take the following with you to apply for your Work Permit:

1)Application form o/for Work Permit


3)The Duplicate of Degree

4)Health Certificate

5)Valid passport and its duplicate

6)Employment License

2.2How to apply Visa Notification?

You will be required to take the following with you to apply for your Visa Notification

1)Work Permit

2)Entrance Approval Form

3.    Procedures (After foreign experts’ entrance)

3.1 Sanitation and Health Examination

We require invited foreign staffs perform their health examination in Xiamen Sanitation and Quarantine Authority with their passport, two 2-inch color photo and 170RMB (Tel: 0592-2211694)

Alternatively, we may notify the invited foreign staffs to acquire the Ministry of Public Health form and get the health examination from Chinese overseas diplomatic missions or consular offices, however, whatever the way is, the invited person shall bring the health examination record obtained form overseas to the Xiamen Sanitation and Quarantine Authority after entry. The Xiamen Sanitation and Quarantine Authority is responsible for the grant/issue of Validation Certificate of Health Examination Record.

3.2 How to apply Foreign Experts Invitation Confirmation?

This is a certificate to be presented when a foreign teacher applies for a Z Visa. It proves that the State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs agrees that the holder comes to China as an expert and asks the Chinese Embassy or Consulate to issue a Visa Z.

This certificate can be obtained by International Office, which applies for it to the State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs and the departments of foreign affairs entrusted by the Bureau. The International Office will send the original copy to the foreign teacher. This certificate should be presented with the invitation letter and cannot replace it.

3.3 How to apply for the Foreign Experts Certificate?

To apply for the Foreign Experts Certificate, Invited person has to present the duplicate of his/her Health Certificate, the duplicate of Foreign Experts Invitation Confirmation, valid passport, Application Report, two 2-inch photos to Chinese diplomatic, representative organization, consulate or other organizations entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for application of Foreign Expert Certificate.  

This Certificate is valid for one year at most. When it expires, it should be renewed, otherwise it will be invalid. When work unites change, the certificate should be returned to the issuer and a new one applied for in the new work place.

3.4 How to apply the Residence Permit

The invited persons should present the following evidence concerned with their Residence Permit to the Ministry of Public Security Organization of local regions: the copy of Health Certificate, Z Visa, registration form of accommodation, Foreign Experts Certificate, valid passport and its duplicate and two 2-inch photos.

A foreigner without health checkup and staying shorter than one year in China is allowed to receive only temporary Residence Permit.

3.5 How to extend visa or Residence Permit?

In case of need to continue stay or residence in China after expiration of the visa or Residence Permit, the invited foreign teachers should bring:

1) Evidence provided by ex-employers

2) The duplicate of signed contract.

3) Foreign Experts Certificate Application Form

4)Foreign Experts Invitation Confirmation Application Form 

5) Health Certificate

6) Report for employing foreign experts. 

7) Photos

8) Valid passport

3.6 Other important issue

International office has to give an early notification to relevant offices before the arrival of foreign teachers, including: Academic Office that in charge of weekly teaching hours and employment period; Asset and Logistics Office that in charge of accommodation; and Financial Office that is responsible for working out the salary scheme and other financial issue.

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