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Author:   Hit: 41 Time: 2006-09-13

Hospital of Xiamen University:
It is not very far away from the west gate of Xiamen University. In front of the west gate, you may turn left and walk straight for about 10 minutes and then you will get there. (on the corner of Daxue Road and Minzhu Road)
The No.1 Hospital:
There is no direct bus to go there from the west gate. However, you may take buses at the hospital of Xiamen University. There, you may take the No.86 bus, and the Hospital is at the sixth bus stop. Or you may take the No.35 bus, and the hospital is also at the sixth bus stop.
The Zhongshan Hospital:
To go there, you may take bus No. 35 at the hospital of Xiamen University. Zhongshan Hospital is at the 13th bus stop.

Wallmart is at the train station, so if you’d like to go to Wallmart, you may take buses below.
From the west gate of the Xiamen University, you may take the bus No.17 to go there, and Wallmart is at the 7th bus stop. You may also take the No. 48 bus, and get off at the 16th stop.
From the gate which is near the temple, you have three choices. Take the No.1 bus, and get off at the terminal. You can also take the No.18 or the No.21 bus, the supermarket is at the 11th bus stop.
From the west gate, you may take the 22nd bus and get off at the terminal.

Swimming pool:
In Xiamen University main campus:
Time: 2:30a.m —9:00a.m.
Requirement: Health certificate*, School card
In Zhangzhou campus:
Time: 9:00p.m —12:00 p.m., 2:00a.m--9:00a.m.
Requirement: Health certificate*, school card

*About the Health certificate:
To apply for the health certificate, you have to go to the hospital of Xiamen University with your employee’s card*, 20 yuan and one photo on the afternoon of Monday, Wednesday or Friday every week. Your skin will be examined there.
*About the employee’s card:
We are applying for your employee’s card now. They will be ready in 2 to 3weeks

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