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Qi Xia Lake
Author:   Hit: 60 Time: 2014-07-27

Encircling hills
Hold the lake in their embrace
Protecting, replenishing
The nurturing waters below


The branches of Weeping Willows dance
With the movement of the afternoon’s breezes
Wind-rippled waters
Move lazily toward its shores


The scent of flowers
Perfumes the languid air
Enriching the hearts and spirits
Of the students passing by unaware


While the lake’s waters flow by
Fish leap for hatching flies
As do, also, the swift blue swallows from the sky,
While secretive frogs croak questions for a mate’s reply


The sun’s ball goes down;
Clouds reflecting its sublime palette of light
When dusk’s shadows descend, magical colors
Shine skyward in a dance of otherworldly delight


With evening’s darkness,
Drum beats and sharp slapping sounds reveal
Dragon boat racers in fast rhythmic cadence
And skateboarders jumping high and crashing down


When night’s blue deepens to indigo,
And nature’s silence thickens
Quiet murmurs and laughter
Carry the sounds of intimacy from the hill of hidden mysteries


After all the classes end,
And the library closes it doors
There is only the lake’s dark still presence
And the pregnant waiting for new life, tomorrow



Author Introduction: Change Parker, comes from America. As an english teacher, he has taught at

Tan Kah Kee College since 2006.

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