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Redor sang the Story of Homecoming to TKK College
Author:   Hit: 56 Time: 2014-11-04

    May 15, Redor gave their performance back in their Alma Mater. Chen Yuan, the lead singer, spoke emotionally at the interval of her singing. She raised her head slightly to stop tears falling from her eyes.  “The next song is the song that we have sung only once at the TKK College graduation concert. We feel it only belongs to here, to TKK College, and this is our repertoire. We want to sing Nice to Meet You just for you. ”
     Redor is a rock band from Quanzhou whose members are mostly TKK college alumni. The name Redor comes from the muscial scale do re mi, which is the purest expression of music.
     We have the purest friendship in the college. Perhaps we are not mature enough, but we are very happy, which is the reason why we wrote the song Lower Animals. I think if possible, I would rather stay in the college and turn into a lower animal, forgetting about the complex world and enjoying the simple happy moments. Chen Yuan said during the performance of Lower Animals.
     Redor’s passionate performance set the students’ bodies on fire. All the students shouted encore for 12 seconds at the end of the performance. In response to the strong request, the band sang two more songs at the end of the show. Huang Yiping from the Department of Electrical Engineering said excitedly, The show is truly too short for us! The feeling is just like the music is touching the deepest part of your soul. It's just amazing! 

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