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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Class Commences with a lecture from the business elite Deng Qidong
Author:   Hit: 2021 Time: 2014-11-11

    In the afternoon of March 13, sponsored by Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) and hosted by Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association, the 4th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Class’s (IEIC) opening ceremony took place in Science & Technology Building?room 301. Deng Qidong, director and general manager of XIAMEN XIANGYU, CO. LTD., Lei Ruisheng, vice-president of TKKC, Zhuang Wentao, diretor of IEC, and the faculty of IEIC attended the ceremony.
    “International vision, innovative ideas and entrepreneurship is the focus of cultivation.” In the ceremony, Zhuang Wentao first introduced the training plan of IEIC. Then Deng Qidong was employed as an IEC’S senior?consultant?.He also issued the opening flag to the general monitor of IEIC.
    Afterwards, Deng Qidong gave a lecturer named “The road to enterprise breakthrough ”. He shared his childhood, explained changes on Xiamen’s economic environment during 30 years after the?reform?and?opening-up?policy, and analyzed the reasons of XIAYU Group’s survival under economic crisis. Deng Qidong said, “going out” policy is the key to strengthening enterprises.”
    In the Interactive sessions, Deng Qidong answered questions by students. After the speech, students said, “I benefit a lot from this kind of lecture and I expect more such learning opportunities.”

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