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TKK’s teams receive award in the 1st Fujian New Energy Technology Innovation Contest
Author:   Hit: 2332 Time: 2014-11-16

From March 15th to 16th, the 1st Fujian New Energy Technology Innovation Contest (NETIC) “Jianyuan Cup” was hosted in Xiamen Conference & Exhibition Center. This contest is the supporting activity of Third West Strait (Xiamen) International New Energy Industry Expo Cum Summit Forum and aims to build a cooperative and exchanging platform for enterprises on new energy and universities and together promote the development of new energy. There are 34 finalists totally.  Green Style and ESE, teams of the department of Environmental Science and Engineering, resorted to sufficient preparation and excellent performance and received the Third-class award and Excellence award respectively.

    New energy refers to recoverable energy developing and utilizing through new technology. It’s the key to the harmonious development between human and environment in the future. Green Style’s and ESE’s work gain favorable comment because of innovation and environmental protection.

    It’s said that Green Style participated in many contests on innovation, entrepreneurship and practice and did well. It won the champion in Xiamen 4th entrepreneurship contest “Dream Factory”. Green Style’s team leader, Kang Jiali said, “Our team can’t succeed without the guidance and help from teachers and the trust and cooperation in team members. This contest will stimulate us to be more excellent.”

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