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Software Engineering (SWE)
Author:   Hit: 20 Time: 2017-06-14

Programme Aim

1.       Graduates of the program will have the necessary knowledge, both in breadth and depth, to pursue the practice, or advanced study of software engineering;

2.      Graduates of the program will understand the importance of life-long learning, and be prepared to easily learn and understand new technological developments in their field;

3.      Graduates of the program will understand the technical, business, social, ethical, and human context of their engineering contributions;

4.      Graduates of the programs will develop the communication, teamwork, and leadership skills necessary to carry on the legacy of excellence of a Software Engineer.

Major Courses

Programming with C, Discrete Mathematics, Programming with Java, Data Structures, Programming with Assembly, Computer Hardware, Operation Systems, Database Systems, Compilers, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Analysis of Algorithms, Computer-Human Interaction, Object-Oriented Design in UML; Computer Architecture, Network Programming, SQL Server,﹒Net Technology, Computer Graphics, Embedded Systems, Multimedia Systems, XML, Software Platform Technology, Linux, Embedded Software Design, Analysis of Software Applications, Computer-Aided Design, Information and Security, Software Architecture, Setup of Computer Network, Management Of Computer Networks, Data Warehouse, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Computer Network Games, Virtual Reality Technology, Intelligent Card.

Career Prospect

The Software Engineering program provides students with an education that ensures an excellent understanding of hardware and software systems and the necessary system design and development skills, and that fosters professional curiosity and imagination that drives them throughout their career.

The program will stimulate and challenge the students with an exceptional, highly motivated faculty that shares its knowledge and excitement about Software Engineering, well designed undergraduate curricula, research opportunities at all levels, and a first-class educational infrastructure.

The program strives to produce graduates who are well prepared to excel in industry, academia and government, and who will take on leadership roles in shaping the technological landscape of the future.

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