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Robotization (ROB)
Author:   Hit: 17 Time: 2017-06-14


The major cultivates the synthetic undergraduates with the basic theory of mathematics, electronic and technology ,controlling, auto detection and instrument, information procession, computer controlling, computer science and technology application, network, also educates administrating and engineering person with system analysis, system design, system running, science and technology researching, office automation in running control, industry process control, electric power, electronic technology, detection and automation, electronic and computer technology, information processing, administration and decision areas.


Major Courses


Advanced Mathematics, General Physics and experiment, C programming, Software Technology, Computer Network Base, MATLAB, Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mathematics, Probability Statistics, Operational ResearchInstrument and Processing ControlDatabase Management system, Management Information System, Circuit Principle, Analog Electronic Circuit, Digital Electronic Technology Fundamentals, Signal and System, Micro-Computer Principle and Interface, Decision-making and Application, Filtering and Signal Processing, Electrical Machines and Drives, Course Design of  Electrical Machines and Drives, SCM Machine Principles and Application, Bus Control TechnologyPLC Programming Control Device , Course Design of PLC Programming Control Device, System Discriminating, Optimization  Control, Auto Control Theory.


Career Prospects


Graduate students can work in high-tech, college, industry, administration, finance and economy department, teaching, researching science and technology, experiment, system analyzing, designing, office automation, decision-making, and also can study master degree in this major and interrelated major.

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