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Foreign Teachers Informations
Author:   Hit: 68 Time: 2010-03-08

Foreign Teachers Informations


Alan Senior

My name is Alan. Susan and I have been married for 38 years and we have three grown-up sons and one baby grandson, all living in Britain. We have both been teaching full-time at Yang-En University in Quanzhou for the past year.
I come from UK and have an MA in Physics from Oxford University and a Master's Degree in Industrial Administration from Yale Graduate School. I retired from a successful business career as a top executive in 2000. At Yang-En, I have been teaching Business Management and Marketing to 3rd and 4th year students.
 Susan and I have travelled widely throughout America and Europe, as well as visiting a number of countries in North Africa and the Middle-east. We plan to travel to see as much as possible of China and Asia during the holidays while we are working in China. We are both keen tennis players.



Alexia Wilm


The minute I stepped onto the campus, I knew I had to work here! There was something very special about the made me feel at home. And then, as soon as I started teaching, I knew I was home. The students and staff at TKK welcomed  me so warmly…I had only planned to stay for one year, but am teaching my 2nd year and plan to stay for a 3rd! I am the happiest I have been in my entire life! Xiexie, TKK!

Oh, and, I’m married, no children (yet!). I studied psychology and photography!


Antonio (TONY) de los Santos

Name: Antonio (TONY) de los Santos
Citizenship: U S Citizen
Birth Place: Philippine

Career History
1. 1993 – President Saint International Corporation, Taipei City, Taiwain
Business – Foreign Worker Manpower Service
Position – Sales, Official Interpreter between employer and employees, Translating official documents
2. 1988 – 1993 AVH Enterprise, Manila, Philippines
Product – Elastic garter, round cord, flat cord and other garment accessories
Position – General manager

Education Background
Cal State University, Long Beach, CA USA, MS
1976 – 1977 Business Graduate Programme – Courses taken are Advertising, Sales and Marketing, Operation Planning and Implementation, Business Analysis, Cost Evaluation.

Michigan Ferris State College, Grand Rapids MI USA
1972 – 1976 Bachelor Degree in Industrial Management and Marketing Management
Courses taken up were Computer Programming, Corporate Financial Analysis, Cost Estimating and Sales Administration.
Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila Philippines
1971 –
1972 In my first year college, I was in the Engineering Programme where I took up engineering drawing.

English and Mandarin, Pilipino, Fujian and Spanish



Ashton Fourie


Ashton decided to give up life as a partner and manager in several businesses, to pursue the more tranquil life of lecturing.  He is currently completing a second Business Management Degree, thereby living his own philosophy that we should never stop improving ourselves.  He believes in the motto that it's more important to do what you enjoy, than to be successful in the eyes of society.  Ashton has a passion for seeing people improve their lives and get closer to using their full potential.  This passion has led him to lecture Business Management part time before finally deciding to leave his business career and go into full time lecturing. In his free time, Ashton loves cycling around the Chinese countryside, reading a wide variety of literature, watching good movies and writing.  He has written two books - one on Leadership and one on Performance Management.

Ashton's wife, Li Li is a Chinese citizen from the small city of Zhang Zhou. She runs a small private bakery specialising in artistic cakes.  They have two children, Kaitlyn and Justin, who are two and a half years, and one year and a bit, respectively.



Bonnie Vierthaler


I'm an artist from the US.  I started teaching at Xiada in 2000. My new students always wanted to know what I did before I came to China .  When I told them about my BADvertising Institute, a tobacco prevention program based on my artwork, and showed them my website ( ), they immediately recognized the great need in China and wanted to do that here, too.  We've already done many projects here in China.(link  projects to  * )
This year, in the spring of 2006, some of my students took the bull by the horns and we founded Green Breathing as an official organization at Xiamen University ...dedicated to bringing Smokefree Air to China , empowering non-smokers to reclaim their right to smokefree air, and encouraging smokers to quit.  In March, we encouraged the Xiamen International Marathon committee to make the marathon route a Smokefree Zone and in May, the Zhang Zhou Campus agreed to go smokefree.  We're now engaged in the work of putting those intentions into action.
By the fall semester we had Green Breathing branches on the Tan Kah Kee Campus, the main campus, and the Hanway English Kindergarten.  We're in the process of setting up a citizens group in Xiamen . We invite you to visit our website at and enjoy our Smokefree Campus.
In addition to working on Green Breathing, I love being with friends and I also love being alone..enjoying a quiet life, reading, meditating, doing tai chi, experimenting with my oil pastels, and taking photos for my new Aesthetics class.  I often go to my second Chinese home in an old village outside Li Jiang where I'm eager to work in the garden, do my art work, and explore the other mountain villages. Improving my Putong Hua is, of course, an integral part of my everyday life.



Change Parker


Change Parker is an American teacher with Masters degrees in English as a Second Language and Natural Resource Management. His advanced education reflects his passionate interest in the beauty and life in Nature, its relationship with human beings, and the critical need for a common language that enables people from all cultures to communicate with understanding with each other.
Change’s Chinese name is Lin Shu, (whose meaning is “one tree in the woods”). His Chinese wife’s name is Lin Li. Their son studies in Nanjing at Jin Ling Senior Middle School. He also has an older daughter who lives in San Francisco, California and is a modern environmental dancer.
For over 20 years Change has pursued his passion as an artist and craftsman: poetry, painting, leather work, necklace beadwork and wood sculpture. He enjoys walks in Nature and sharing his knowledge about its life forms and processes and environments. Change’s motto is: Free Will, Choice, Humanity.

Chantal Mulders


My first name is French, my last name is German, but my passport says I’m Dutch. No wonder students are so confused when I tell them my name: Chantal Mülders. Luckily, they can also call me XiangTao (or fragrant peach, although I’m neither very fragrant or peachy).

I’m in China since July 2007, arriving here right after I graduated Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands) with a master’s in Linguistics. I have a special interest in how people learn a foreign language, sign language, and the US. At TKK, I teach English writing to the sophomore English majors. I love writing, reading, foreign cultures, and travelling.


Ellen Tann


Hi: My name is Ellen Tann. I am a Chinese American. My two sons are in Seattle, Washington. I have been teaching English to international students since 2000. I love people and enjoy helping people learn a new language and other cultures. I have traveled to more than 15 countries in the world and always enjoy meeting new people! I am looking forward to teaching you and learning more about you too!



Eric Black


I am an American who has been living and working in China since February of 2006. I came to China with the ambition to study both the Chinese language and culture. I believe an important aspect of language education is cross cultural communication; so, I encourage my students to utilize media that will teach them about cultural exchange, as well as, language exchange. I believe that it is good to learn another language, but it is better to understand the language in the context of its original culture.

Glen Ponse


Hello – my name is Glen Ponse, and I'm from New Zealand, although usually I live in Australia. As you might expect, with an MA in English and a BA in Psychology I'm interested in the social aspects of human development, communication, and interactions, but I also have a technical background in telecommunications electronics and have an interest in how echnology influences human culture and behaviour. I have always found China to be a fascinating country, the study of which does much to throw light upon my own culture, and look forward to seeing its future progress.




Gustav Meist


名字: Gustav Meist(古斯塔夫·麦斯特)
出生日期: 1934310


  • 1962 毕业Rietveld 艺术学院, 士学位。

  • 1986&1987 得政府和阿姆斯特丹城市的艺术基金。

  • 1981-1992 艺术会和建筑管委会的成

  • 1988-2000 Twente 大学AKI 艺术学院雕塑系担任教授, 视觉艺术设计领域有深入研究。

  • 1995-2000 在荷Twente大学AKI艺术学院做研究导师

  • 2000/10/01- 12/24 在厦大学艺术学院研究生部担任客座教授。

  • 2002/04 在南京艺术学院艺术设计系担任客座教授。

  • 2005/03-05 在厦大学艺术学院美系和厦大学嘉庚学院艺术设计系担任客座教授。


  • 1967 ·(De Suite)个人展,阿姆斯特丹(Amsterdam)

  • 1970 阿姆斯特丹大学(Amsterdam)个人展

  • 1974 ·福力特(Gee’Geervliet) 画廊个人展

  • 1976 阿姆斯特丹(Amsterdam)布莱克·格朗德(Brakke grond)个人展

  • 1977 特勒支(Utrecht)·‘in Spee’画廊个人展

  • 1978 阿姆斯特芬(Amselveen)艾姆斯特里 (Aemstelle) 博物个人展

  • 1980 阿姆斯特丹(Amsterdam) 音特(Inart)画廊个人展

  • 1983 阿姆斯特丹(Amsterdam) 音特(Inart)画廊个人展

  • 1984 阿姆斯特丹(Amsterdam) 梅特深(Metz en Co)个人展

  • 1989 多德勒赫(Dordrecht) 根特(Magenta)画廊个人展

  • 1994&1997 音克(Eck en Wiel), ·仁博格特(de Beerenburght)画廊个人展


  • 1971 <格瑞特·凡内特的敬意>(Homage to Gerrit van Net).

  • 1973 比利欧洲大(De Europa –prijs)画展银奖

  • 1981 阿姆斯特公园(Amsterlpark)

  • 1984 “过风(威里森根)Vlissingen

  • 1987 19届比利安特卫谱米德赫双年展。

  • 1989 参与瑞士巴赛尔(Basel) 30×30 艺术建构目。

  • 1990-1997 ·仁博格特(de Beerenburght)画廊展

  • 1994 德国路德稀港(Ludwigshafen),威-哈克(Wilhelm-Hack)博物

  • 1995 英国力斯博格(Salisbury)艺术中心展

  • 1995 特勒支(Utrecht)索菲殿(Sophie’s Palace) “一个记忆的展

  • 1995 在河瑞哈尼斯·特拉克特(Rheinis Trajectrum 3),

  • 1996 画廊德·仁博格特(de Beerenburght)

  • 1996 瑞克(Maurik) 参与地域目展

  • 1996 鹿特丹(Rotterdam) ·夫依巴斯(Gal Phoebus)

  • 1996 参与艺术念的展览项目。

  • 1996 参与挪威卑(Bergen)放杜博·(Doubl See)

  • 1997 阿姆斯特丹(Amsterdam)和音克(Eck en Wiel)水族做展

  • 1997 恩斯赫德(Enschede)(Muppie)目。

  • 1997 德国那特力支(Naturlich), 特拉格(Bentlage)

  • 1997 恩斯赫德(Enschede)博物

  • 2004/02 作品在厦欧洲艺术中心展


  • 1978 巨型艺术油画,阿姆斯特丹大学。

  • 1983 为玛尔瓦特(Meervaart)做了一个水目的作品。

  • 1984 一幅油画和一个霓灯浮雕。

  • 1987 & 1988 两个院的品做设计并且表演 “(Soiree and Madra)” 设计卡片。

  • 1987 阿姆斯特丹城市中心火站在水中做了公告雕塑目。

  • 1989 阿姆斯特丹欣格格特(Singelgrach)t做了公告雕塑目。

  • 1989 油画被荷国家路公司收藏。




Jan Nicolaas Bremmer

Jan Nicolaas Bremmer (b. December 18th, 1944 )
Faculty of Theology and Science of Religion
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Groningen, Holland

Greek, Roman, Early Christian and Contemporary Religion, Social History, History of Scholarship

Free University, Amsterdam , 1962 - 1970 (Classics and Spanish)
Bristol University , 1969 - 1970

The Early Greek Conception of the Soul (Free University Amsterdam: 1979)

Military Service (Intelligence: Russian), 1970 -1972
Local high-school teacher, Classics, 1972 - 1974
Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht: Assistant Professor of Ancient History, 1974-1978; Associate Professor of Ancient History, 1978 - 1990
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen: Professor of the History and Science of Religion, 1990-

Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington D.C. , 1980 - 1981
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton , Fall 2000
Visiting Canterbury Fellowship, Christchurch (NZ), March 2002

The Read Tuckwell Lectures, ‘Inventing the Afterlife’, Bristol , 1995, published as The Rise and Fall of the Afterlife ( London : Routledge, 2002)
Heuscheuervortrag, Heidelberg, 1996
Loeb Lecture, Harvard, 1997
Samson Eitrem Memorial Lecture, Oslo , 1998

Iconography of Religion , Leiden : Brill, editor-in-chief, 1990-
Kerk en Theologie , member Editorial Board, 1990-
Feit & Fictie, member Advisory Board, 1993-
Mortality , member International Editorial Board, 1995-
Studies on Early Christian Apocrypha , Leuven : Peeters, editor-in-chief, 1995-
Acta Antiqua Hungarica, member Advisory Board, 2000-
Ancient Narrative, member Editorial Board, 2002-
Groningen Studies in Cultural Change, Leuven : Peeters, member Editorial Board, 2003-

Teaching Committee, Faculty of Letters, Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, Chairman 1985 - 1987
Dutch Society for Religious Studies, President, 1991 - 1995
Rudolf Agricola Institute for the Study of the Humanities, Chairman, 1994 - 2002
Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Dean, 1996 - 2000, 2001-
The Future of the Religious Past, NWO Programme, vice-chairperson, 2003-


Judith E.Karam


Hello, my name is Judith. I am of Lebanese origin but grew up in the Kingdom of Bahrain and as a result I am a Bahraini passport holder. I obtained a BA in “Business and International Management” as well as a Masters of Science in “International Management” both from Oxford Brookes University in England where I lived there for almost five years. I also have the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate which I obtained in Zhuhai, China.I love travelling and I love learning about new cultures; I came to Xiamen to visit a close friend for the Chinese New Year, it was meant to be a two week holiday, but I loved Xiamen so much that I stayed for two months and decided to come back to Xiamen to teach English. I am very happy to be here and look forward to teach you, share my travel experiences with you as well as learn from you.

Karen Ke Li


Ms. Karen Ke Li who comes from America graduated from the State University of New Jersey in 2002. She did the work related to marketing research, analysis and business management in American before 2003.

working experience:

  • Teaching position in the Youth Learning Center in Xiamen
    Courses: English learning for 7th and 8th grade students. Adult learners whom need to improve listening and speaking English.

  • Teaching position in Imperial Language Center
    Course: Adult learners for communication and listening skills for business.

Oct 2003-Now

  1. Teaching position in Xiamen University.

  2. Courses: English vocabulary, listening and speaking classes towards first year English major students.

  3. Extensive Reading for first year English major. Listening and speaking for first year Finance major students.

  4. Provide student a different type of learning. By using the American style teaching, improves student’s listening and speaking English skills. For English major students, assign different kinds of reading in order to increase their reading ability in an easier and faster way. Memorizing English vocabulary will help each student to enlarge their reading, writing and listening skills.

    • Finance major students mostly improve their listening and speaking skills. Assign groups for group discussion on certain subject. In additional, provide business terms to the class that helps them for their future communication with the outsiders; which will be helpful in their career fields.

Katja van stiphout


General information:
Name: Katja van stiphout
Date of birth:
Place of birth: Weert, The Netherlands
Gender: Female
Profession: Graphic Designer

’86-’91: HAVO(Senior Higher General Secundary Education), Boxtel, The Netherlands.
’91-’92: Teachers education for Handcraft, Tilburg, The Netherlands.
’92-’96: Academie for Art and Design, ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
01/’96-04/’96: Art Academie Hochschule der Kunst Weissensee, Berlin, Germany
’96-’98: Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Scholarships and Prices:
2003: Starters Scholarship from Fonds BKVB(Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture)
2003: Nominated with book ‘Sandrien’ for prize ‘Best Books’2004.

Teaching Experience:
02/’03: One minutes workshop at Art Academie Aki, Enschede, the Netherlands.
03/’00: Graphic-design Workshop for 16 year old Children at Dutch Institute for Media art Montevideo/TBA, Amsterdam.
10/’99: One minutes workshop at the Wimbledon school of Arts, Londen, United Kingdom.
11/’98: Graphic-design Workshop at Academie for Art and Design, ’S-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

Selection of Design Projects from 1998 till present:
09/’04: Design book about Willem Sandberg in cooperation with Sacha Bronwasser published by Artimo,Amsterdam(ready in November 2004)
09/’04: Design logo/printed matters Media Lab Amsterdam,part of the University of Amsterdam.
07/’04: Design logo/printed matters and website Instute of Network Cultures,part of The University Amsterdam(
07/’04: Design book The Great book of one minutes in cooperation with Hanne Hagenaars published by Artimo,Amsterdam(ready in Januari 2005)
05/’04: Design websites Dance company Emio Greco I PC in cooperation with Martin Takken(
03/’04-prensent: Design of several printed matters and advertisements for Gentre for Contemporary Art De Appel,Amsterdam.
10/’03: Design invitation an videographics The one minutes Awards 2003,Paradiso Amsterdam
08/’03: Design invitation/poster and website for exhibition ‘Facing Korea’ for De Appel,Ganvas,N.I.M. Montevideo/TBA,Foam Museum for Photography,Amterdam(
07/’03: Design of book ‘Sandrien’,in cooperation with Henk Wildschut and Raimond Wouda.
04/’03: Design of book ‘The Avant-Garde expectation’ for Arts Incentive Prize Amstelveen.
In cooperation with Tineke Peijnders and Jeroen Boomgaard.
02/’03: Design logo/printed matters ‘Portrait or Landscape’(POL) for Galerie Canvas international Art,Amsterdam.
08/’02: Design website ‘The on Minutes Jr.’ for Unicef and ECF in cooperation with Martin Takken(
06/’02: Design catalogue Arts Incentive Prize Amstelveen 2002,Amstelveen.
05/’02: Design invitation/poster/routing exhibition The Biennale of The one minutes.
+ Design video graphics + booklet, DVD The one minutes, Gentral Museum, Utrecht.
05/’02-present: Design logo/printed matters (among others: Tourne poster’s + Flyers) for Dance company Emio Greco IPC, amsterdam
05/’02: Design HTV issue 42,Art Newspaper,Amsterdam.
01/’02-present: Design logo/printed matters Vogue Academie, Amsterdam (
10/’01: Design invitation + programm Concert-tourne Xenakis:Morsima-Amorsima,among others in: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
06/’01: Design poster Gabriel Lester for Fonds BKVB(Foundation for Visual Arts)
06/’01 tot 02/’02: Worked Freelance at Gebr.Silvestri, Amsterdam.(Assignments for amongst others: Kroller Muller museum, Otterlo-Hygiene Museum, Dresden-Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)
03/’01: Design invitation + leader Lost & Found, De Waag, Amsterdam
02/’01: Design Beelden instituut, spreed of daily newspaper Volkskrant Kunstbijiage.
01/’01: Design invitation + catalogue Arts Incentive Prize Amstelveen 2001, Amsterdam.
11/’00: Design book ‘The Chengdu Movement’,for gallery Canvas international Art, Amsterdam.
10/’00: Design invitation ’10 jaar Sandberg’, at Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam.
10/’00: Design invitation ‘Beauty is Perfection’ for Theo Tegelaers, Stichting Cheap en Media Research, Jaarbeurs Utrecht.
07/’00: Design leader for videoprogramm at ‘Lowlands
2000’for Dutch Institute fo Media art Montevideo/TBA, Amsterdam.
05/’00: Design invitation and catalogue ’16 voetbalwachtlokalen’, at Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam.
01/’00-01/’01: Design advertisements W139,Amsterdam.
11/’99: Design ‘Wallpaper’ for Gerald v/d kaap at Heineken Night Live,Ahoy,Rotterdam.
08/’99-present: Graphic Design + leaders ‘The one minutes’. For the Sandberg instituut, Amsterdam.
06/’99-01/’00: Design poster’s and flyers ‘Cinema Digitaal’ for Paradiso Amsterdam.
04/’99: Design (Invitation/Tickets/Poster/Catalogue/Advertisement/Routing/Leaders) Kunstvlaai3 (tof) in cooperation with Jozee Brouwer.
04/’99: Design logo/printed matters (Flyers/Posters) and leaders for videopublication an in Amsterdam traveling exhibition called ‘bUG’.
06/’98-present: De Verenigde Sandbergen. Design of magazine (till
2001 in cooperation Bas Oudt).


Larry Tann


My name is Larry Tann. I'm an ‘abc.' Although I was born in the United States, but I‘d spent my early childhood living and being educated in Southeast Asia. I have been teaching ESL both in the Los Angeles and Seattle areas. I've especially enjoyed teaching international students. They are enthusiastic, eager and hard working. I'm looking forward to meeting you and enriching you in your English learning experience.

Lucas Kohnke


Born in the year of the Dragon, Mr. Kohnke has been fascinated with Chine since he first discovered egg rolls. His interest towards Asia and especially China grew during his M.A. studies where the focal point of his research - People's Republic of China and its many different ethnic minorities. Furthermore, Mr. Kohnke is a well qualified teacher and demonstrated achiever with exceptional knowledge of international politics (transitional order/change; conflict [rivalries]; technological change; long-term transitions). Additionally, Mr. Kohnke has a strong educational background combined with fluency in several languages. On his spare time, Mr. Kohnke is an avid traveler and passionate food lover. In his mind the best Chinese food can be found in Guangdong province, and he would highly recommend everyone to visit Sanya (Hainan Island) China's Hawaii.

Mark Carver


Mark came to China in fall 2005 after graduating with a degree in English literature.  He has taught in two colleges before coming to Xiamen, and he has also worked part-time in several language schools and English camps.  He has travelled to many cities and places of interest in China, and he enjoys looking for new places and experiences whenever he has a chance.  Mark loves art, especially the art of tattoos.  He also enjoys watching films, reading, writing, and cooking.  He doesn’t know where the future will take him, but he really enjoys teaching English in universities and he hopes that he can make students enjoy learning as much as he enjoys teaching them.

   Mark got married in February 2009 to a wonderful Chinese girl named Zhu Yun.  They plan to live in Xiamen for a long time and they are excited about their future together.


Merel Van'T Hullenaar


My name is Merel van ‘t Hullenaar, 27.04.1977, In went to the Art academy St. Joost, Breda in 1998. After that I finished my art school years at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam and graduated at the Free media department in 2003. Then I went for two years of Master study at the Sandberg Institute, I finished my Fine Arts Master degree there in may 2005.





First off, my name is Michael. I come from the sunny land of Singapore, where it is hot all year long. Growing of there was fun but I was most happy in University in Sydney Australia. I majored in hospitality and spent many years in this industry.
My last hospitality job was a hotel manager. I soon feel the need to do something more fulfilling. And thus decided to become a teacher. Following in my father's footsteps, who was a teacher for 30 years, came rather naturally.
I have spent 3 years in China so far, the last 2 teaching in a college in Jiangxi Province. I am now in the beautiful campus of TKK College and am enjoying every minute of it. The teachers and students are wonderful and I look forward to a great year ahead.



Michael Nusbaum


I prefer to be called Michael, not Professor/Mister Nusbaum. So if you see me on the street and want to say hello, you can say, “Hi Michael”. I enjoy learning Mandarin Chinese as well as promoting English education. If you want to travel and learn about the world outside your country’s borders, then I encourage you to learn more English. One famous and favorite encouraging quote is as follows: “Indolence is a delightful but distressing state; we must be doing something to be happy” (Mahatma Gandhi). Additionally, the photograph above shows me sipping a mango shake on one of the Philippines most pristine beaches.



Nour Akalay


Name : Nour AKALAY 
Date of birth : January 8th 1976 (30) 
Marital status : Single 
Nationality : French
Languages : French (native), English (fluent), Spanish (notions)
TOEFL score : 643 (273 computer based)
Computer skills : Microsoft Office
Windows NT/XP/9x HTML JavaScriptDHTMLPHPMySQLVBAVisual BasicADODreamweaverFlashAdobe PhotoshopSphinx IE/Firefox XaraInstallShield


  • Master in Business Administration
    Luton University (Luton, U.K.)

  • Licence of Multimedia Project Management
    Bachelor’s degree (Last year of French University undergraduate studies)
    1 year successfully completed
    University of Versailles (Paris, France)

  • BTS of Business (Accounting, Management, Marketing)
    (Two-year of French University undergraduate studies)
    2 years successfully completed
    High Distinctions in Marketing (19.5/20)
    French School of Business (Casablanca, Morocco)

Professional experiences

  • Market surveys, statistical analysis. Project management. Team training. Design, administration and analysis of surveys on products and consumers. Issued recommendations for the improvement of  MSIN, stock exchange broker,lsales and image. (Coca-Cola, Morocco, 2002   MEDA,l Akzo Nobel, chemical industry, Morocco, 2001 lMorocco, 2001  Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, Morocco, 2001)

    • Design and making of websites, online catalogues and management softwares focusing on financial follow-up. (Marshan  ThelGroup, financial engineering and insurance brokerage, Morocco, 2004  l Wifibot, robotics, France, 2003 lCasablanca Jewish Museum, Morocco, 2004  10Rajeb, industrial carpentry, Morocco, 2001)


Philip Rose


My name is Philip Rose; I’m a New Zealander currently lecturing Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, International Management and Organizational Behavior at TKK. My educational background includes undergraduate bachelors’ degrees in both Economics and Social Psychology. I also hold a Masters of Management in Human Resource Management. My master’s research focused on employee retention in China, during my research I worked with companies in China including Midea, Dongfeng-Nissian and Epson. My ongoing PhD researc h is focused on the adaptation of Western Human Resource Management techniques, to better suit the Chinese context.



Ray Chen


姓名:Ray Chen

性  :男


学  位:美国工学博士基本情况:1982厦大数学学士学位,1990美国Auburn大学用数学士学位,1998美国Connecticut大学算机科学与工程专业博士学位。曾任美国Auburn大学、Connecticut大学教学助理和研究助理;美国Pandrol Jackson 跨国公司、Perceptive Networks公司、IBM公司的C++/C/C#/COM+/ASP.NET/JAVA级软设计师现为大学件学院外聘教授。主要授分布式算、分布式数据.NET、人机界面设计程,同从事相科研及开发工作。研究方向:网分布式 / 并行算、网分布式数据库获奖情况:主要国际级软证书(和太阳电脑)


20043月,太阳算机证书JAVA 2 程序设计

20035月,微SQL数据库专证书SQL 数据 2000 设计和运行;


20032月,微NET证书Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) for .NET

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Robert Berry


Hi, my name is Robert. My Chinese name is 白磊. My students call me 白老. I am a thirteenth generation American from Scots-Irish roots. Most of my family is now centered in Nashville. I come from a big family of accountants and lawyers, and I have mostly followed the family tradition. I say “mostly”, because I am the first of my family to live outside of America in a long time!
I paid for my master’s coursework by working in the accounting department of a transportation management company, where I audited freight bills and handled a mixture of financial and managerial reporting for different clients, including some Fortune 500 companies. I earned my J.D. in Illinois in 1999 and worked as an attorney for a few years before coming to China, where I met my wife, Limei.
I am a traditional guy, which is probably why I like Chinese culture so much. My wife is Minnan, and I am very interested in the history of the Minnan people. I grew up in Tennessee, which is mostly hills and mountains, so I enjoy hiking and mountain climbing. I also enjoy playing soccer/football.

Sam Grainger


Hey, i'm from Britain and have been in China for just over a year. i enjoy traveling to as many places as a can, playing football and taking photographs. i've just started at tan kah kee college and feel like i have settled in fairly smoothly. having spent last year teaching senior students in a middle school in hunan, i came to xiamen for a complete different aspect of chinese life. i have not been disappointed! i firmly believe that the best way to experience a place is to live and work there. This is one of the many reasons i traveled east. hope to get to know you all very soon....



Sara Schaeffer


Hi, my name is Sara Schaeffer. I'm from Canada. I have been living and teaching in China for the past two years. I am very happy to be in Xiamen and can't wait to meet my students. I'm sure we will have a wonderful year.

Susan Senior


My name is Susan. Alan and I have been married for 38 years and we have three grown-up sons and one baby grandson, all living in Britain. We have both been teaching full-time at Yang-En University in Quanzhou for the past year.
I am an American and have a BA (Honours) in Liberal Arts from Butler University and a Master's Degree in Drama from Yale Graduate School, both in America. I have been a part-time teacher for many years in England, primarily teaching English as a second language at International High Schools near London. I also have the CELTA qualification. At Yang-En, I have been teaching Extensive Reading and Linguistics to 3rd and 4th year students.
 Alan and I have travelled widely throughout America and Europe, as well as visiting a number of countries in North Africa and the Middle-east. We plan to travel to see as much as possible of China and Asia during the holidays while we are working in China. We are both keen tennis players, and I am a keen and knowledgeable gardener.




Susann Brannstrom

b. 1956

One man shows

  • 2003 Gallery IDI:I, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 2002 Gallery Krister Fahl, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 2002 Gallery Bergdala, Vaxo, Sweden

  • 2001 Ahlberghallen, Ostersund Art foundation, Sweden

  • 2001 G?teborg Art foundation , Sweden

  • 1999 Gallery Krister Fahl, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 1993 Gallery Svenska Bilder, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 1992 Gallery Konstepedemin, G?teborg, Sweden

  • 1988 Gallery Svenska Bilder, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 1986 Nacka Art Hall, Stockholm Sweden

  • 1985 Gallery 54, Goteborg, Sweden

  • 1983 Gallery Mejan, Stockholm, Sweden

Permanent installations / Public works

  • 2002 Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden

  • 1997 Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 1993 Ministry for Forreign Affairs, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 1991 Solna Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 1990 Subway station Danderyd, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 1982 Subway station Skarholmen, Sweden

  • 1982 Outdoor mural, Stockholm, Sweden


  • 2003 – 2004 Head master Nordic Art School, Kokkola, Finland

  • 2003 Tutor Helsinki Art Academy, Finland

  • 2002 – 2003 Director Valand Art Academy, Goteborg, Sweden

  • 1998 – 2002 Guest teacher Helsinki Art academy, Finland

  • 1992 – 2002 Head master Nordic Art School, Kokkola, Finland

  • 2000 Examiner Valand Art Academy, Goteborg, Sweden

    • 1999 Guest teacher Royal Art Academy, Stockholm, Sweden


Terry Miller


Terry Miller(泰瑞·米勒)

性  :男









Tom Shen


Hello, my name is Tom Shen. I am an Australian who was born and brought up in China. I had my first Bachelor of Arts when I was 20. I had worked as a teacher teaching English at a university in China for 7 years before I went to pursue further study overseas. I studied and received an advanced diploma in business management at Regents College of Business in Sydney , Australia. I also passed the exams and was successfully accredited as a professional translator by NAATI at the University of New South Wales. In the past years, I have been working as a student advisor at student advisory centre for education helping students in their study in Australia. I have also spent most of my years working as a sales consultant at a global business organization assisting customers from all over the world. I am so pleased that I can have the opportunity to teach at such a beautiful university. I have always been enjoying sharing my knowledge of English and other experiences with my students and taking great delight in learning from the students. So let's work together, study together, make progress together and succeed together!



Vicki Tofiq


Hi, my name is Vicki Tofiq, I am British and I have just started teaching at TKK College, Xiamen University.
I majored in Modern Chinese Studies at Leeds University in 1990, which included 1 year studying at Fudan University in Shanghai, then went on to get a teaching qualification so I could live and travel around the world, and meet people from all different cultures. I have been teaching English now for 12 years, first in Greece and in Spain then teaching English for business purposes for 8 years in Holland.
I have always been fascinated by China, so for me it was a great opportunity to come over and teach English here, especially now when China is developing rapidly and English is becoming an increasingly important world language. Last year, I taught English at Longyan University, and enjoyed it so much that I decided that I wanted to stay in China after that. I think I will be very happy in Xiamen too.
I studied calligraphy last year and I like to practice doing that in my free time. In the future, I hope to learn how to do tai’chi, as well as to further improve my Mandarin and eventually to become fluent in it.



Victoris Robbertze


My name is Victoris Robbertze but you can call me Tori. My husband and I have been in China for 1 year now and we are loving it! I am a aphic Designer by trade but have always wanted to now I am living that dream.

   For my thesis I produced a graphic book about AIDS orphans and before coming here I worked for an HIV organization in South Africa. So I  am very passionate in the fight against this disease.

   I love to paint in my spare time; take photos; read all types of books and enjoy nature. I look forward to another year getting to know you!






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