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Our College Won the Seventh Place in the Pan Pacific University Regatta
Author:   Hit: 41 Time: 2014-07-31

    Our college won the seventh place in The Taiwan Strait universities Regatta of the third Pan Pacific University Regatta during July 13 to 17.

    The 7 members on sailing team were GeFengmin,Cao Huaizhong,Wang Xiaowei,CaiJianming, Yang Bin,Chen Xianglong,Wu Shutong. The teacher, Wang Hui was the head coach, and the Li Yao acted as the team manager.

    The Xiamen Municipal Government and XiamenUniversity hosted this competition which was organized by the Xiamen Administration of Sports and Xiamen University Sports Committee with seven associations and companies, including CPPCC Xiamen Municipal Education Commission, Xiamen sailing yacht Sports Association and so on. It attracted more than 150 athletes from 20 colleges and universities of the United States, Singapore, China mainland and Taiwan.

    The competition was divided into two parts: long term voyage and site voyage, including 7 items. Our sailing team gained a good achievement. Our team obtained the 7th place in the 2 games of long term voyage and site voyage, which ranked 7th place with a total score in Asian-Pacific area, and the 5th place with a total score in college and university groups of cross strait.

    “It was very lucky for us to finish this competition, because there were two typhoons before and after this competition. One was Soulik, and the other was tropical storm, Cimaron. However, the weather has been so good through the competition. Besides, our players worked very hard. There were many strong teams in this competition. It was a satisfactory result for us.” Said Wang Hui, the Sailing team coach.

Contributor & Photograph from Li Yao, sailing team, TKKCollege

Translated by 周媛

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