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School-enterprise cooperation with MINGSUI GRAINS&OILS
Author:   Hit: 2092 Time: 2014-11-13

What sparks will be stroke when “material grain” meets “spiritual grain”.
    In the afternoon of March 13, Lin Zhubo and Cai Chuanshan, the general manager and deputy general manager of XIAMEN MINGSUI GRAINS&OILS TRADING CO.,LTD.(Mingsui) respectively, came to TKK to discuss school-enterprise cooperation with TKK. Wang Ruifang, the president of TKK, Qiu Weijie, party secretary, Huang Heshan, the dean of the School of Management, and Ye Zhizhu, the vice director of Center for Professional Attachment & Career Service attended the meeting.
    Firstly, Lin Zhubo gave a brief introduction about Mingsui’s general developing situation and growth prospect. He hoped to recruit TKK’s graduates through cooperation and give fresh energy to Mingsui. He expected to get help from TKK on staff training and strategic?development of?enterprise?as well.
    Cai Chuanshan indicated that although Mingsui is a traditional industry, it devotes much attention to structure construction and cultivation of talents. There are TKK graduates who work in Mingsui at present and they perform well. Mingsui hopes to recruit more TKK graduates.
    Wang Ruifang expressed heartfelt thanks to Mingsui’s dedication on education that it donated 300 thousand yuan on TKK 10th anniversary. He hoped to take this opportunity to deepen cooperation in practice base, build new platform to school-enterprise cooperation, and improve TKK’s capacity in serving enterprises.
    Qiu Weijie said, TKK will organize a project team on Mingsui and combine its current situation and future planning with the characters of grain industry to put forward proposal about strategic planning and governing for Mingsui. Efforts will be taken in staff training and recruiting activities will be encouraged.
    XIAMEN MINGSUI GRAINS&OILS TRADING CO.,LTD. was established in February 8th, 1999, with 150 million yuan of registered?capital. After a decade’s effort, Mingsui is now an diversified enterprise specialized in domestic and international trade, logistics and storage of cereals and oil, with the business scale ranking among the top in national private enterprises of cereals and oil industry. It is a leading company in the agricultural industry of Xiamen and among the top 100 enterprises in Xiamen.?

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